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4 Places You Shouldn’t Miss in San Diego

Beaches, lush green parks, and warm weather are what attracts people to San Diego. Known as ‘America’s finest city’, San Diego is famous for its endless stretches of white beaches and good weather. In 2016 alone, this city recorded a whopping 35 million tourists. Being California’s second largest city and eighth largest in the USA, San Diego shares a border with Mexico and thereby has a Mexican influence. Beach resorts, luxury spas, golf courses, and a good nightlife is what San Diego is known for.

Exploring San Diego doesn’t need too much money, there are many things to do and visit for free. This city can be a fun and cheaper getaway for all and throughout the year. If you are looking to explore things to do in San Diego today, have a quick read on below mentioned 4 of the best indulgences while in the city.

Surfing and Whale Watching

While surfing on any of the amazing beaches can be done throughout the year, whale watching usually takes place between December and April. Migratory grey whale species are the common sightings. You can even spot humpback whales, dolphins, bottlenose and blue whales. With an endless number of vast beaches, you can be tempted to explore surfing, which happens to be one of the most tried out sports by tourists in the city. To try out surfing, you’ll find a lot of rental shops with surfing gear along the major spots.

Paraglide from the Cliffs

If you like adventure sports, this is a must-try in San Diego. Not only does it offer great adventure thrill but also allows you to soak in the view from the cliff tops. Even if you want to enjoy the beautiful cliffs, you can sit down and watch other paragliders take off while some live music plays in the background. Every tourist spot in San Diego can offer liveliness and this is the best part about the overall feeling, exploring the city.


A harbor-front in San Diego that is not only walkable but is also buzzing with shops, eateries is Embarcadero. This is the place to be for all kind of interesting activities. You can find heritage ships from the city’s Maritime Museum to explore. It also happens to be the spot from where you can board boats for trips to the ocean. There are also interactive fountains at the Waterfront Park and creative playgrounds to explore for the kids. The San Diego Bay Wine & Food Festival that takes place in November is also a popular spot to visit.

Point Loma

The point where California began, Point Loma, is a must visit in San Diego. Loma stands for a hill in Spanish. With its beautiful topographical view and interesting history, this spot is worth exploring. Some of the must check out things here are sunset view, women’s museum, ‘Festa do Espirito Santo’, which is a religious festival by the Portuguese community. A lot of cultural shows, concerts, and other programs make Point Loma an attractive spot for the tourists.

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